Bottomless Lunch: Pizza & Prosecco


Bottomless Lunch @ The Lighthouse

How it works…

Order any pizza selection from the menu [ if you don’t like pizza, shame on you, you can pick 1 other food item from the menu too ]

Bottomless Prosecco – order as much prosecco/prosecco cocktails as you want, but 1 glass at a time, return your glass to the bar, and we replace it with a new one, with your drink of choice [ see menu below ]

Cost : e30 per person , 2 hour sittings –  Saturdays and Sunday between 12-4pm.

[ Option to add free games, ping pong, etc etc for groups too ]


Prosecco by the glass : 

Classico Prosecco – a simple classic glass of prosecco, nothing added.

Bellini – a combo of peach puree, and prosecco.

Mimosa – the brunch classic with orange juice, but we use prosecco instead of champagne.

Kir Royale – crème de cassis topped with prosecco.

Spagliato – a relation of the negroni. Mix four parts prosecco, one part sweet vermouth (such as Martini Bianco) and one part Campari.  Served with a twist of orange zest.

[ For non prosecco drinkers, you can order either a Moscow Mule cocktails or Veltins lager ]

Wow, thats amazing, how do I book in? 

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