Clothes Swap Day – Dec 5th

Let’s get swapping
A non-profit event to refresh our wardrobes in the most sustainable way!


Dear fellow Swappers,

 This is an event to promote recycling and reuse of good quality and loved clothes. Bring your clothes (clean, washed and unbroken) to the event and swap them with clothes you fall in love with from other swappers.

There will be 10 clothes per rail and you can add new items as they are swapped – a ticket mechanism will be in place to keep track of swapping. Other items can be swapped too, but please keep these minimal.

**Important Info**

When : Sunday, 5th Dec
Swap time : 2pm – 5pm
Clothing rails are provided – but you must bring hangers per clothing item

Big ups to Ivana for organising the whole thing as well as M. O’Byrne Hire for supporting this event with clothes rails <3

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