Exhibition time; Decoy solo print show

Drinks reception; Thursday December 13th // 7pm // More info; here


Decoy aims to produce bold and colourful artworks anywhere possible. Originally trained as a sculptor in NCAD, now a multidisciplinary artist predominantly working in the world of 2D public art.

The work that he creates is almost juvenile in intention. Playing with the boundaries of colour theory in an simplistic way. Subtracting detail to create uncluttered precise artworks.

CANDYLAND; Decoy’s 2nd solo exhibition, was a series of portraits which brought to light our collective obsession with fabricated social media worlds. For these works, Decoy used candid photography of subjects who unknowingly signed up to take part in his painted version of reality.

Take a walk in Dublin city and look forward to more painted surprises on your local wall. X – Decoy

Decoy’s prints will be available to purchase behind the bar


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