Selky at the top deck



Irish DJ, producer and co-founder of ‘Club Comfort’. Selky has been flagrantly setting a light to Dublin’s party underworld over the last decade, collecting and playing club music from around the globe, drawing influence from the artists like KW Griff, Thomas Bangalter and Nguzunguzu.
2020 saw the release of his debut (sold out) record under the Moveltraxx banner, gaining acclaim from the likes of DJ MAG and Electronic Groove, as well global plays from the likes of Jamz Supernova, Morgan Hislop and Big Dope P to name a few.


Tickets are available from €10 per person, bought in groups of 2, 4s or 6s


This is a seated & socially distant show. For our full list of Covid policies please check them out here.



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