Six Nations at The Lighthouse

Big Screen | Nice Burger | Naughty Brunch | Gorgeous Pints

All the matches at The Lighthouse fanzone. Think big screen, big soundsystem, bigger buzz!

Tickets for the fanzone are from €10 and include:

⭐  Entry to the event

⭐ Burger & Fries

⭐  Any Pint, Glass of house wine or spirit & mixer

Please note that fanzone tickets don’t guarantee you a seat or table, those are first come, first served  

Alternatively you can book in for free via the booking link below 👇

Six Nations Dun Laoghaire

⭐ Saturday 4th ⭐

 2:15pm | Six Nations: Wales vs Ireland

 4:45pm | Six Nations: England vs Scotland

⭐ Sunday 6th ⭐

3pm | Six Nations: Italy vs France

⭐ Saturday 11th ⭐

2:15pm | Six Nations: Ireland vs France

 4:15pm| Six Nations: Scotland vs Wales

⭐ Sunday 12th ⭐

 3pm | Six Nations: England vs Italy

⭐ Saturday 25th ⭐

2:15pm | Six Nations: Italy vs Ireland

4:45pm | Six Nations: Wales vs England

⭐ Sunday 27th ⭐

3pm | Six Nations: France vs Scotland


⭐ Saturday 11th ⭐

2:15pm | Six Nations: Italy vs Wales

4:45pm | Six Nations: England vs France

⭐ Saturday 12th ⭐

3pm | Six Nations: Scotland v Ireland

⭐ Saturday 18th ⭐

12:30pm | Six Nations: Scotland vs Italy

2:45pm | Six Nations: France vs Wales

5pm | Six Nations: Ireland vs England

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