The Neighbourhood Xmas Social w/ Wastefellow and Oli

Holy smokes it’s back again

After a raucous maiden voyage last year the Neighbourhood Xmas Social returns to Dun Loola for its second instalment. Some new faces joining us on the grill this time.

In the blue corner is spaceman Wastefellow, in the red corner is sliceman Oli Drakeford. Between them they have unleashed metric tonnes of forward-thinking electronic music upon the Isle and beyond. They are both fearsome on the decks and it’s an honour to have them.

Some details/USPs:

– Catch up w pals
– Suburban fun

– EUR 5 before 12
– > EUR 5 after

– set times TBA
– tickets via Resident Advisor

– b2b2b2b2b2b inevitable


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