Introducing The Lighthouse’s Venue Room. Any questions on the info below, or to book the space for a gig or event, email [email protected]

Capacity :

 300 Standing

100 Seated

PA and Stage Spec: 

Sound System: Void Venu System
Control: Yamaha MG16XU, 16 Channel Mixer
Stage Size: 3m x 4m 
Visual Screen: 8ft Screen w/ local HDMI input 
Mic & DI List:
2 x SM58
1 x Seinnheiser EA35
2 x SM57
2 x AKGD40 
1 x AKG D112 
4 x Radial PRO DI Boxes 
Monitors: 3 x Wedge Monitors 
*Please note we do not supply any further backline*

DJ equipment : 

2 x CDJ 2000s
2 x Technics 1200
1 x Pioneer 900nexus
1 x Allen & Heath Xone 92
1 x UREI 1620 Rotary Mixer
*All DJ gear is subject to availability, 4 weeks advance request. Please note, we don’t supply needles for decks.
Any questions, let us know [email protected]
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